A little about Ronda

I have always had a passion for photography that started when I was young and my father was a combat photographer in the military. I loved his studio with all of the equipment and darkroom where you could watch photos come to life. I went through tons of film taking photos of my barbies and eventually begging my friends to pose for me.

I love how photos can evoke emotions and flood our memories. Every image captivates a moment in time - freezes it forever - revealing love, excitement, pain or longing without speaking words. I feel it is so important to have photos that represent who we were at that moment in time - bad haircut and all. Photos can reveal great memories, show how far we’ve come in our lives, and can be all that we have left of loved ones. We should surround ourselves with beauty and photos that speak to our heart and soul. Don’t leave your photos online or on a disk to be lost - print them, frame them, put them on canvas or metal - look at them everyday because it’s good for your soul!